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Monday, July 20, 2009

High risk occurrence of osteoporosis for people with diabetes

There are so many diseases that attack when age increases. One of osteoporosis. That disease is known as a condition when bone density starts with the damage and decreased bone microarchitecture. As a result, bones become fragile and easily broken.

Osteoporosis can occur in both men and women. However, the risk of the occurrence of osteoporosis in women more because women (above age 45 years) experiencing menopause. That is, the degree of a decline in hormone estrogen in the body (to stop the bleeding). Whereas in men, osteoporosis occurs in old age (above 70 years).

Knowing The Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin, or alternatively, when the body cannot effectively use the insulin it produces. Insulin is a hormone that regulates blood sugar. Hyperglycaemia, or raised blood sugar, is a common effect of uncontrolled diabetes and over time leads to serious damage to many of the body's systems, especially the nerves and blood vessels.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Decrease in bone and heart health threatening the little balerina

HealthDay News in early June reported that the little balerina, the kid who learn ballet seriously, have the likely decrease the risk of heart and bone health. Many complaints from the little balerina required to follow a very strict diet to maintain body shape and feed of fat.

General found that the complaint is menstrual irregularity. This is caused by a lack of food to Feed the body, so that no body has enough energy. The cause is also a risk that can be a decrease in heart and bone health.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

How to choose the right and safe baby stroller?

Nowadays, the train or push a baby stroller, is already one of the mandatory equipment owned by young couples. In the various shops that sell baby equipment, you will see the 1001 type of push cart or stroller. Not only the color variation of the variety, but also shape or model. Each offers different features and prices many varies also.

However, from various model strollers available in the market, it is surely all can be divided into three major groups, ie, regular stroller, twin stroller for the child, and now starting as trend stroller is a jogger alias for the ordinary people who bring love and baby to participate in jogging.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The 10 benefit of fish, consuming this Omega-3, now.

Fish oil has many benefits for health. Omega-3 fish oil can be found in salmon, mackerel and tuna. Consume fish twice a week, will provide health benefits for you and your family.

Here are some great benefits from fish oil:

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Benefit of Drinking Water Therapy

Currently many different types of known water therapy. But there is one type of water therapy is easy to do, that is drinking water therapy. If you see the functions and benefits of water for the body, said therapy is indeed very healthy and can encourage growing of various disease, such as diabetes, Asthma, Bronchitis, diarrhea, tuberculosis, rheumatism, kidney stones, Less Blood, High Blood, hemorrhoid, Constipation, Coughing , sore throat, and so forth. Therapy drinking water since the white has been done by the first ancestor, the name "usha paana chikitsa".

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The vital functions of water in human body

Water is the main component of the human body. Do you know if this liquid take variety of vital functions . Water bodies vary according to age. Fetus in the womb, the mother consists of 100% water, while a new born baby is comprised of 75% water. While adults consisting of 60% water and the elderly comprised 50% of the water.
So the importance of water in the body so that only a little short of measure, the body can experience a variety of health problems. Not merely a matter of measure, existence may be spelled out very important activities in the body. As a variety of vital functions such as:

1. As a solvent and transport equipment the nutrient. Substances-vitamin and hormone bring this in to all the body parts that need.

2. As a catalyst that simplify and accelerate many biological reactions in the body, including in the alimentary tract.

3. As a lubricant base-base joints of the body so that it does not rub against each other and can move freely

4. Self as Body Temperature of water have the ability to distribute heat, so that play an important role in distributing heat in the body.

5. Reduce impact on the surface of the body organs that are soft and muted to avoid the impact that can cause damage.

6. Maintain Health And Beauty Body therapy with the use of water internally with drinking water or external as treatment of disease. This is because water is drunk enough, and with the correct method can purify poison-poison found in the body.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Light Up Your Life with Sensual Massage

If you just feel tired now, try during this massage a pair with each other in the press room is closed, without any clothes sheet. However, avoid restricted areas.

Sensual massage, that is the designation for the activities of each other in the squeeze between the husband and wife, the aim is to provide mutual enjoyment of each other, like any couple that are required by us. Target sensual massage is not clear genital or sex organ. In fact, in this sensual massage areas that are prohibited for a massage, the stalk, breast, and male and female sex.

The main purpose of the sensual massage is that you and your partner can give each other time, attention, and awareness. You can talk while intimate, and the more often it is done will make you angry is not easy on it.

After each massage, you will feel comfortable, relax, and fall asleep. If sometimes ended with the sexual relationship, it's only one result only, but not the goal. To remember:

1. If you want to do sensual massage, you can do with the decline of all clothing.
2. Do on the floor with a soft lining and soft, or on the bed.
3. Prepare the olive oil, baby oil, massage oil or other lubricants as.
4. Play music that was fun, both of you.
5. Make a turn, between both of you
6. Do not forget the message in the children's maid, and that you will not be disturbed, turn off the phone, and lock the door firmly.

Friday, June 5, 2009

The Ironi -- Insurance Companies have investment in the cigarette companies

Company of life and health care insurance leading the United States, Canada, and UK, have billions of dollars of investment in the U.S. cigarette company, said a study published in a scientific medical journal, The New England Journal of Medicine, on Wednesday (3 / 6).

Wesley Boyd, main author of that topic, to find at least 4.4 billion U.S. dollar funds of insurance companies that invested in companies related to the product of cigarettes, cigars, and chewing tobacco (chewing).

"Although this prompted the insurance industry out of business by the tobacco and other doctors, insurance continue to put their profits above people's health," said Boyd, a member of the teaching staff at Harvard Medical School.

"It was clear, their main priority is to make money, not keep people's health," he wrote.

Tobacco is considered as the main cause of lung cancer and main risk factors for heart attack, stroke, lung disease, and cancer. According to the World Health Organization, tobacco is one of the factors it in 5.4 million deaths per year.

Researchers, the first states, life insurance companies and health care have a large investment in the company's cigarettes in 1995 in any posts in a British medical journal, Lancet. "Although investing in a cigarette company, while selling life insurance or health may appear defeated itself, but insurance companies have been considering the ways to take advantage of them," Boyd wrote.

"Insurance does not include protection for smokers or, more general, they are charged higher premiums. Insurance hit-and loss-smoker two more times."

Based on the study, the U.S. insurance company Prudential Financial Inc. has 264.3 million U.S. dollars in investment between the three U.S. cigarette companies, including Reynolds America and Philip Morris.

Canadian insurance company, Sun Life Financial Inc., which sells life insurance policies, disability insurance (disability) and health insurance have a stock portfolio with a value of more than one billion U.S. dollars in the two cigarette companies, including 890 million U.S. dollars in Philip Morris.

Prudential Plc, which sells health insurance policy and disability insurance, has a 1.38 billion U.S. dollars in the two cigarette companies, including British American Tobacco (BAT).

Study also breaks down the large investment in the company's cigarettes to U.S. insurance company, Northwestern Mutual, and Massachusetts Mutual Life, and Scottish companies, Standard Life Plc.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Why do the people like the contact lenses?

Contact lenses are thin plastic lens worn patch on the eyes cornea. Contact lenses have the same functionality with the glasses, the edit refraction aberration, aberration accommodation, therapy and cosmetics.

Choosing contact lenses

The types of contact lenses
1. Hard Contact Lens Contact Lenses Hard or
2. Contact Lens Soft Contact Lenses or Other
3. Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) Lens

Use of contact lenses may initially feel comfortable and require less time adjustment. Type of soft contact lenses only takes a few days to adjust, and RGP contact lenses require a period adaptation 2-4 weeks. In this time, soft contact lens and RGP is more often used for reasons of security and comfort factor.

RGP contact lenses are easily passed cornea so that oxygen can function properly. On RGP contact lenses, oxygen is not only available at the time of eye blinks, but also from the air that can be freely through the lens to reach the cornea. This has caused RGP contact lenses more comfortable in use for a long time.

RGP contact lenses provide better vision sharp, easily treated
and cleaned, the life is longer, able to edit refraction astigmatism aberration that is caused by surface irregularity kelengkungan cornea. However, RGP contact lenses did not senyaman soft contact lenses and need longer adaptation.

Soft contact lenses available for the use of long-term and daily usage. Both types of soft contact lens has an oxygen content ago (ability to be oxygen) that vary according to the material, water content, design and thick. Soft contact lenses more comfortable and more shorter for adaptation period. Less likely to quit when doing activities that excessive compared to RGP.

In the adjustment, the patient may be somewhat disturbed by the sense of the wedge lens is perceived as a foreign object by the eye. Feelings will disappear after adaptation period. The patient with dry eye will be more difficult to adapt when wearing contact lenses.

To determine the type of contact lens that best complete the examination and required consultation with a specialist eye doctor.

Contact lenses for Special Needs

In addition to function as a substitute for glasses, contact lenses can also be used in the following circumstances:

Correction Keratoconus

Keratoconus cornea aberration is where the center of the cornea slender cone-shaped so that the cornea and not regularly. Use of contact lenses on the surface shape function keratoconus new, more organized, keep the keratoconus and edit existing refraction aberration.

Bandage therapy
Contact lenses sometimes used for drug application with the goal of accelerating the process of wound healing and also protect the wound on the cornea.

Colored contact lenses can be used to disguise the seam / scar on the network to change the cornea and iris color.

Use Safe contact lenses

Some of the things that need to be by contact lens users:
  • Always wash hands before touching contact lenses.
  • Wash and disinfecting the contact lenses every time after use.
  • Place the contact lens is left to be washed and dried every day. Once a week, where contact lenses disinfecting with boiling water. Change the contact lenses regularly.
  • Take a contact lens care instructions provided by your eye doctor
  • Dispose of liquid that has been used immediately, should not be used for the second time.
  • Do not use a saline solution made.
  • Do not store in the contact lens that is not sterile liquids such as tap water or water distillation.
  • Do not wear contact lenses that are damaged or old. Check your eyes regularly (at least once a year).
  • Check with your doctor before your eyes is an eyedrops, because there eyedrops (including a sold-free) that can interact with contact lenses.
  • Stop the use of contact lenses immediately if the red-eye or not comfortable when wearing contact lenses. If the problem persists, contact your eye doctor.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sex safe during pregnancy

In addition to physical changes, women who are pregnant usually have a need for changes in attention and intimacy in relationships with spouses. From the emosional, pregnant women more sensitive, and the intimacy they may have felt through touch or just talk with couples in bed while you hold hands, even though the sex is not prohibited during pregnancy.

Following signs you need to know to make sex safe during pregnancy:
  • The position of woman on top or sideways position that is comfortable for pregnant women.
  • Before doing that in the penetration, which must be given priority is the comfort and freedom of pregnant women.
  • Use of a foreign object in the vagina or around the tool bantu sex, as much as possible be avoided.
  • Pain understanding, empathy, humor and creativity are aspects that should have during the sexual relationship at the time of pregnancy.
  • When any, eligible pregnant women say 'No'
  • If you have a high risk pregnancy, orgasme penetration and should be avoided until a doctor declares safe. Stimulus through the stalk should also be avoided in pregnancy conditions such as this.
  • Avoid water penetration if fetal broken or leaking.
  • Sexuality in any form should be avoided if pregnant women or contaminated spouses have been exposed to the virus or HIV. Use condoms if you want to do is keep sexual activity.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pay Attention: Diseases Due to Stress

Although stress is reasonable, but if not managed properly, can disrupt the health effects. The following are some diseases that can appear due to stress:

Heart disease.
During stress the body will release adrenalin which can hamper arterial blood vessel. If this happens, the blood pressure will rise and this will increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. Some studies show, there is a strong correlation between stress and a tendency to store fat in the stomach. And usually this condition can be seen in people with body shape resembling apples.

Lost memories.
Stress hormones, which are often referred to as glucocorticoid, work on the hippocampus is one part of the brain responsible for memory formation.

Gum disease.
A study published in the Journal of Periodontology in July 1999 found that people who experience high stress in the financial ability and have them in the low, the risk doubled for the occurrence of disease associated with the gum. And it is one of the risk factors of a heart disease, respiratory channel and diabetes complications.


With changes in levels of brain chemical, such as norepinephrine, serotonin and dopamine, stress can affect one of them into depression.

Weak resistance body.
A research indicates that stress can increase the development of a flu as much as 3-5 times.

Increase in body weight.
Increased cortisol can turn on the storage of fat cells in the body, especially in the stomach. This can cause resistance to insulin that can increase the risk of diabetes.

Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PPMD) or Pre Menstruasion Syndrome: Definition, Causes, Diagnosis, and Medicine

Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PPMD) or Pre Menstruasion Syndrome ) is a situation where a number of symptoms occur regularly and in touch with the cycle menstruasi; symptoms usually occur 7-10 days before menstruasi and disappear when menstruasi started.

Pre Menstruasion Syndrome may be related to increased estrogen-degree descent and progesteron that occur during the cycle menstruasi.
Estrogen causes fluid containment, it is likely that the increase in body weight, the network swelling, breast pain and flatulence.

The cause of the syndrome is not known but may be related to factors of social, cultural, biological and psychological. This syndrome occurs in approximately 70-90% of women in fertile age. More often found in women aged 20-40 years.

Weight and type of symptoms vary in each woman and vary in each month. Women who suffered from epilepsy may be more often experience cramps. Women who suffered ligament disease network (such as lupus or arthritis rematoid) may experience this.

Symptoms that may be found are:

1. Physical changes
- Pain Management back
- Flatulence
- Breast feel full and painful
- Changes in appetite
- Constipation
- Headaches
- Unconscious
- Pain Management head
- Regional pelvic droop or depression
- Hot flashes (skin of the face, neck, chest, and looks red hot teraba)
- Insomania
- Not equipped with a
- Nausea and vomiting
- Exhaustion of extremes
- Skin aberration (eg, whelk and neurodermatitis)
- Painful swelling or a network socket
- The weight
2. Changes in mood
- Easy to anger
- Worry
- Depression
- Easy umbrageous
- Nervous
- Seated sad, happy moment
3. Mental changes
- Chaotic
- It's hard to concentrate
- Forgetful.

The diagnosis based on symptoms that occur several days before the mentruation.

Combination of contraception pills containing estrogen and progesteron can help reduce the increase-decrease in estrogen level and progesteron.

To reduce the fluid containment and flatulence, people should reduce the salt and consume food with diuretic light (eg, spironolactone). People can also reduce sugar, alcohol and cafein; add carbohydrate and eat more often.

To reduce the headaches, pain due to cramps womb and joint pain, can be given anti-inflammation drugs non-steroid.

Feeling anxious and nervous can be assisted with a relaxation exercise and meditation.
Fluoxetine can reduce depression and other symptoms.

Usually given vitamin B6, calcium and magnesium.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Is Myotherapy Another Series of Acupressure?

What is Myotherapy?

Myotherapy is a 'trigger point' therapy. It involves pressing on small, constricted, sore points that trigger pain in areas away from the points. For example, a tense, painful know of muscles in the neck might cause pain in the head. In this case, myotherapy would involve pressing on the knotted neck muscles to decrease pain in the head.

Myotherapy was developed by prominent physical therapist Bonnie Prudden in 1976. It is very similar to acupressure. The main difference between acupressure and myotherapy is that myotherapy is based upon manipulation of muscle and acupressure is based upon nerves and energy meridians.

How are Trigger Points Defused?

To defuse "trigger points," pressure is applied to the muscle for several seconds by means of fingers, knuckles and elbows. The success of this method depends on the use of specific corrective exercise for the freed muscles.

How are Trigger Points created?

It is believed that Trigger Points are created by injuries, muscle strain and emotional stress. Sometimes trigger points can lie dormant and don't cause pain until they are activated by physical or emotional stress.

Will the Trigger Points go away?

Yes. Through many sessions of myotherapy, trigger points can be eliminated. It is important to take preventative measures like muscle stretching and decreasing stress to keep trigger points from returning.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Multivitamin or Single Vitamin Supplement?

A limited time often result in less attention to our healthy eating patterns. The result can be to guess, so our lack of vitamins. Vitamin supplements can be an alternative for them.

However, their use can not be indiscriminate. Must be in accordance with the needs of our bodies. For example, if we lack of vitamin C, should only consume supplement vitamin C. But, if we lack some kind of vitamin at the same time, multivitamin supplements can we make an alternative choice.

There are a variety of multivitamin products that are currently circulating. Each composition contains different vitamins. Most people, plus the variety of minerals such as zink, magnesium, selenium, and others. Not necessarily all that is needed by our bodies. Therefore, it is better to consult first with your doctor before deciding multivitamin supplement which we really need.

If our food is enough rich of nutrition, multivitamin does not need anymore in any form. Because, basically the best source of vitamin is derived from food, especially fruit and vegetables.

Tips how to wisely consume a multivitamin:
  1. Illness
  2. Nutrition situation is less
  3. Difficulty eating outside
  4. At the age of five
  5. There should be a natural material
  6. Choose a multivitamin that low dose, but more type, not just one type of course with high doses

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The 40 Sex Facts -- It's Amazing and Funny

  1. A man produces 3 million new sperm cells every 1 hour during his life.
  2. Porn movie stars are 70 years of age, Annie Sprinkle claims to have sex relations with more than 3,000 people man.
  3. 5% men confess to masturbation twice a day.
  4. Publisher "Hustler, Larry Flynt confess that the first sex experience is with the chicken.
  5. A person who is hanging himself experienced when he ereksi dying.
  6. 97% white women to do breast surgery.
  7. Former Persiden Cuba, Batista, enraged against the growth of pornography and the United States of Europe, because the loss of local prostitution business.
  8. First sexual experience John Lennon is rubbed with a scrub-hand by people he does not know when he was aged 12 years.
  9. Prostitutes who are intelligent actors that are not normal sex.
  10. Students do more oral sex than high school graduates, and women with the title Ph.D more likely to have sex while ago.
  11. Women more easily exposed to venereal disease than the men.
  12. Bedroom is a place that most people used to lie.
  13. Oral sex is illegal deeds in Arizona, Florida, Minnesota, Lousiana, part of Michigan, North Carolina, South Carolina, Utah and Virginia. In Idaho, it can take you to prison.
  14. One of three men lie to partners. Conversely, one of four women lie to partners. However, only 28% of women who lie and be discovered.
  15. A healthy sex burn between 100 to 200 calories.
  16. A daughter aged 15 years in Mississippi are married without their parents permission, but must wait one year is allowed to legally have sex.
  17. 70% of the CEO in the United States allow the office affair.
  18. Most male orgasms in six minutes after penetration.
  19. JFK lost 'his virginity' with a prostitute for 3 dollars.
  20. During an 70-year, many Thai people who cut the genitals of her husband drunk and make cattle feed. Then heard the man that left Thailand with a bar says "It's better I go home, or I will make my self as a pig food"
  21. The record largest penis is 12 inches, at the erection time
  22. Most people who make them that prostitution is already married.
  23. Age of maturity in the USA ranges from 16 to 18 years. However, in Hawaii, age 14 years are allowed to have sex as adults.
  24. 90% of men are happy with the first sexual experience, rather only 66% of women who feel.
  25. Until 1972, gay is considered a mental illness. Classified as such, followed by a disease schizophrenia and twin personality.
  26. The average age for both men and women doing sex is 17 years.
  27. Most of the men reached the peak at slightly over 10 receive sexual challenges throughout his life.
  28. You will not be able to know with watching Sex and the City, but most women only have less than five pairs.
  29. Both men and women tend to prefer to reach the orgasme earlier.
  30. Condoms can survive for a month in the wallet before making a flexible easily torn.
  31. Orgasme male record is 16 times in one hour.
  32. Women achieve sexuality peak in the 30s and the man at the end of the age dozen.
  33. Women who smoked an average of two-sex couples have more time than women who do not smoke.
  34. Mosquitoes who have sex in the air, its sex activity only lasts for 2 (two) seconds.
  35. Word gymnasium comes from the Greek "gymnazein", which has the meaning naked sport, which is often done by the Greek. This is why all people in the ancient Greek are healthy- see their statues. :)
  36. The average man have sex every seven minutes.
  37. Comic "Donald duck" banned in Finland because he does not wear pants.
  38. Women blink nearly twice more often than the male.
  39. Humans and dolphins are the only creatures that make sex a pleasure.

source: hippolulu

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tip for father to be a friend with the baby blues

If you are a young father of his wife experienced baby blues, you may feel confused akan what you should do. Difficult for you to understand how a woman with a beautiful baby in her arm can be such a sad and maudlin. You might try cheers, let invites capricious or she wept, but no one who can help. What is your wife needed is your love, a lot of attentions, support and understanding, even though you do not truly understand :) .

Baby blues are often caused fear and solitude, but also can be caused by feeling anxious and lonely. Many young mothers do not feel confident they will maintain the ability of a new born baby and they are often very sensitive to comments that they consider critical to the way they treat the baby. The most important thing you can do is to let your wife know that he is always ready to assist you.

Try to get your wife in order to rest and recreation he needs and the most important, show him that you love and care about him.

Oh! And do not surprised if you feel a little sad too. This occurs in many young father. If this happens to you, follow the same advice that I give to your wife.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Uncomfortable situation that is felt by pregnant women

During pregnancy, changes occur in the woman body. These changes occurred because of the body and adjust to the needs of the flower growing fetus. Not uncommon major changes that occurred resulted in many complaints, disturbances, or uncomfortable felt pregnant women. Even the larger fetus pregnancy and the elderly, usually only the more complaints experienced. Various complaints of pregnant women actually felt natural. Itcourse, happens at the same time physical and psychological changes experienced remarkable changes. Things that usually being repine by the prospective mother and how to address them.

Oedema (edema)

Edema is cumulation fluid during pregnancy. And that is in progress so that's going around, such as swelling in the leg, arm, leg, hands, and face. This condition usually occurs in 75 percent of women pregnancy, and usually appear at the age of the pregnancy to semester-3 or 8 months of pregnancy. Edema does not normally cause symptoms that dangerous, in addition to not feeling comfortable and feeling weary-weary. But the mother possibility of pregnancy should be cautious emergence of edema that is not normal, swelling of parts of the body weight increase at the same time with the body quickly, so that may be related to the pre-eklampsia.

For the time-period, pregnant women who have edema need to rest frequently. Do not continue to stand or sitting alone. Laying position with the feet higher than the head. Avoid or wear stockings and shoes are tight have / rights /. In addition, avoid the drug / diuretic /
especially in early pregnancy. Should add the salmon meat or other fresh fish to the daily menu. Do not consuming over-salt because it can add a lot of pent-up body fluids. Use flower oil the sun for cooking or baking.


About 70 percent of pregnant women experiencing or hiperpigmentation also called chloasma. Usually changes the color of some apart of their body to be more dark This occurs in approximately axilla, genitalia, stomach, thigh, and the navel. Instead it also occurs frequently nails grow faster, fragile and easily separated. Chloasma is caused by hormone changes during pregnancy, drinking contraception pills, materials of cosmetics and medicines, the descendants of the problem, and shelf-ray sun.

PUPP (Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy)

PUPP less rarely known because pregnant women who mengalaminya. PUPPP is a condition where the pregnant women experience itchy-itchy on the skin, starting to low levels of chronic, which usually appear on the last tree semester of pregnancy. Itch-itch is different with itchy as normal, and usually begins from the stomach and then spreading to the thigh, arms, and chest. But the same PUPPP it was not contagious and does not endanger the mother or the fetus. PUPPP causes not known, but most (75%) mothers giving birth to the baby PUPPP men.

Similar to the causes, ways to prevent PUPPP also not known. However, pregnant women are usually recommended for the PUPPP smear lotion or cream that can reduce the itchiness. If
does not work, should be examined themselves to get to the doctor alternative therapy.

Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS)

Restless legs syndrome is a condition where pregnant women have to feel like things that creep and pins on the feet or hands of members. Approximately 5-10 percent of pregnant women experience RLS. Therefore, the doctor often recommend that pregnant women are often moving, especially the feet but not to exhaustion. This syndrome is the because it will cause the weary foot-weary, and circumstances such as this will continued until 2-4 weeks after birth.


In general, sciatica, or commonly called a waist joints sore, is a pain because the nerve or inflammation at the bottom of the waist and can be crawling to the buttocks or rear leg. Approximately 50-80 percent of pregnant women experience sciatica, and starting age usually appear 5-7 weeks of pregnancy.This usually arises in the pregnant women who often work with the position sit or stand too long, floating bed position, ascend the stairs, collect the goods, rotate the body, excessive running, and others. The conditions will be created in the musculature akan sekujur back feels tense. Usually this pain is not immediately only recover with rest and relief in the morning.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Avoid Disabled Baby is Ones of Various Benefits from Folat Acid

Research conducted by experts showed the benefits of various folat acid . In addition to preventing disability, lack of folat acid will also cause anemia, premature gray, listless, insomnia, easy to forget, and depression. Folat acid consumption is enough to reduce the risk of a baby born premature and at risk infants born with heart rudiment. Feed the recommended is 400 microgram per day.

Folat acid supplement is a product that has been riched with folat, the type of vitamin B that can be found naturally in green vegetables, fruits or nuts sitrus dry.

Pregnant women or women who are planning a pregnancy are certainly folat acid. For women in this group folat acid supplement consumption is a must. For pregnant women, or planning a pregnancy needs more higher, namely 600 microgram per day. Lack of food that riched with folat acid can cause the baby is born with humans tube defect or failure of nerve close the tube completely. This can cause spina bifida (cleft spine on), anensefaly (no domed skull and brain), or ensefalosel (cleft in the skull bones).

In fact folat acid required by all the women in fertile age. This is because failure to close the tube nervous going on the perfect day-to-28 after fertilization, in which women are generally not aware of the pregnancy. Those who are planning a pregnancy are advised consume acid folat four months before the pregnancy.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Myth and fact about hair treatment

The beautiful and shining hair is a dream of all women. No wonder if all the suggestions made. However, know that not all advice is correct. Many of them are just a myth. Here are some myths about hair that is often heard and the fact indeed.

Myth: Trim the hair will make hair grow longer.
"Hair grows from the root, not from the tip of the hair," said Michael Wright, senior scientist at the head of Nexxus Salon Hair Care. Trim the ends of the hair is done to prevent the ends of the hair that fork out the entire stem and damage the hair. Keep the hair to stay healthy with a comprehensive treatment. Try to treat the hair from sun damage and heat from the regulation of hair. So myths are not true.

Myth: Scalp massage can stimulate hair growth.
The scalp massage is done to improve blood circulation, reduce stress, and distribute natural oils to the scalp hair. All this can help so that the cells function better, thus making the growth of hair, but the more optimal level of growth will not increase. Generally, the hair will grow half an inch per month.

Myth: Chemical substances straightener hair products hair can change the texture of hair permanently.
If you noticed, for some people the hair was straightened by the chemical (rebounding), the new hair will grow back or be the same wave as they are. After the treatment of hair straightening, hair that has changed is only the visible hair and straightening product exposure. Oxygen chemical straightening of hair can not penetrate to the root of the hair. Similarly, in the hair which is often in-blowdry. They are often the hair blowdry feel more straight. However, what they actually see is the hair loss has damaged the texture, not a permanent change.

Myth: Binding the hair in the same area repeatedly can make bald-headed.
"Twitch continuously (constant) in the region use the same rubber that can be wound tight folicle hair and make them stop the hair. This effect is called alopecia tug, "said Doris Day, New York dermathotogys. He suggested to change as often as possible or how to set the hair bundle in the head. If you need to bind the head, also, try to tide with rubber that is not too tight. Select a bit loose. Bundle of hair, hat, braid, bandana, and the other in charge of hair can result in this case, if placed in the same position.

Myth: Comb the hair to make hair more shine.
Comb the hair 100 times before bed as the daughter in the fairy stories will not make your hair look more beautiful. In fact, it will make the hair look more serious. Comb the hair can make hair cuticle look dull and damage, also causes the ends of the hair and make it broken fork. Using the wrong tool can damage the hair. In general, plastic and metal from the comb can weaken the hair cuticle and cause damage or static, and the hair is set to be difficult. So, try to replace the comb with a brush with a soft feather. Use a brush comb on dry hair. While for the wet hair, use a comb with teeth that rare. Brush the hair enough to make you not disheveled hair, and comb the hair can be easily. Simply comb it several times per day, no need to repeatedly.

Myth: Cold water can be added to the diffraction of hair and prevent hair rough.
Hair is rinsed with cold water can make them look more shining, because while making the hair shaft cuticle closed. However, the results will not take long if your hair does not dry out properly. Make sure the hair cuticle remain closed meeting with conditioner hair or applying hair products based on Silicon to close. Or, use a special shampoo for the hair shine, and soft.

Myth: Hair can be immune to the shampoo.
The task is just shampoo to clean hair. Then, why your favorite shampoo was suddenly no longer feels like work? Shampoo contains material which provides advantages for the regulation, but also leave residues that can accumulate. If you start to find that your hair look dull, use a clarifying shampoo that does. That is, it served to remove chemical residue-residue that accumulate on the hair once every two weeks. If more often, you will only make hair dry and lack of natural hair oil.

Myth: Hair color can change the texture of hair.
Permanent hair coloring is a protective layer on the hair and the hair cuticle can penetration into the head skin. While semi-permanent hair coloring keep hair color on the stem and not too damaging. Both methods have advantages of each. Color can make the hair shaft thicker. This change is more visible in women with fine hair types of hair or a hair low.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Guava (Psidium guajava), miraculous fruit against the Dengue Fever

At the first stage of the disease and the recovery phase, guava can be consumed to help overcome the lack of liquids and trombosit, and to increase body resistance. So can be said that the guava potential cure dengue fever.

Generally, the guava fruit (Psidium guajava) rounded shape, slightly rounded, slightly pointed up. Fruit allegedly came from South of Mexico has a thin skin so that it can be eaten without the need peeled.

In accordance with the name, it contains a strong, small-sized and many small. If you want to try to count the number of seeds can range between 112 to 600. The number of seeds which are hard and it was quite the pleasure consume guava. Hence, experts guava cultivation are now working to varietes that does not have seeds, or at least contain the seeds in a little amount.

As fresh and processed food , this fruit have a lot of vitamin, the actual vitamin A and vitamin C. Did you know that the actual vitamin C fruit is 4-fold higher than the orange.

As a source of vitamin C, guava is less popular than the orange. In fact, in reality the actual vitamin C guava so far higher than the orange. In every 100 g guava contains about 183 mg vitamin C, while the orange only 50 mg vitamin C.

How to select, store and consume

With consuming guava regularly will give good nutrition for the body. That is vitamin A. Moreover, if the guava does not need to be consumed with the skin peeled. Why? Because the skin of the guava has vitamin C contents are very high.

We must be carefull to choose and save the guava

1. If you buy guava, choose according to needs. If it will be eaten immediately, would buy a guava is ripe and soft fruit. However, if the purchase amount in the relatively more and be saved, then buy a guava is old (mature) but still hard and green. In the cases such as this, the fruit guava resistant stored in the refrigerator for more than 1 week.

2. If it will be consumed or processed further, guava need to remove from the refrigerator and put in room temperature for 1-5 minutes until it is soft and cooked texture. If you do not want it mature, then can be taken directly from the refrigerator without the need to be put in the room temperature first.

3. When mature, guava only survive in one or two days. One way to use guava that already cooked, or overcooked, is a way into porridge or squash puree (can use blender), and store in freezer. Guava pulp can be used as material to be mixed with drinks and yoghurt drinks, or other.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Simple steps to avoid dry eyes

PEOPLE who work in front of the computer for long hours each day, or wearing contact lenses usually have a dry eye. This disease is also a common problem for those working in the area of windy, the smoke area, berpolusi, or close to the chemicals.

Dry eyes or keratocunctivitis sicca (dry eye in the eye because of lack of water) is usually marked with the feeling of sand in the eyes, not comfortable, dry feeling, feeling hot, do not wind resistant, and does not read the proof in a long time. Usually the symptoms will be felt in the night. Therefore, recognize some trigger to avoid dry eyes.
Here some simple steps :
  1. Try to rest the eyes after some time look a computer screen. You can close your eyes for the moment that the ball can drabble eyes naturally look to for direction and monitor than a wink the eye.
  2. Do not direct the air to breathe fast in front of the fan, hair dryer, or close the window. Also highly recommended to use glasses if it is in these places. In addition, when trying to swim do not forget to wear glasses to avoid irritation pool.
  3. If there is time, compress the eyes a few minutes. This step is intended to reduce the reddish color on eye fatigue and dry. In addition to the above steps, you can also use the drops that many drugs sold in the market. However, you should consider carefully the composition of eyedrops are not going to be something that is not desired. Highly recommended to consult with doctors before deciding eyedrops good for your eyes.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Magical Effect from Acupressure

Acupressure is (from "acupuncture" and "pressure") one form of physiotherapy with massage provide stimulation and the point on the body. It is a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) technique derived from acupuncture.

As with traditional Chinese medicine in general, using this principle acupressure balance Yin and Yang. Pressure made to some point in the surface of the body strives to maintain and sustain the Qi (energy) in order to remain balanced. With the balance in the human body, health is the fruit that can be quoted. Meanwhile, like a circle, with the body of a healthy natural beauty is also available.

Pressure at the point-a point made even more diverse. Unlike the case with about 5000 years ago, in which pressure is to use bamboo or stone.

Acupressure this also can not be any, but it must be through a series of first-stage examination. The first step, the shape of the face, tongue movements and the patient. Color of the tongue may be an indication of disease. Then proceed with the hearing and smell, where akupresuris try to detect the disease through the sweat and smell the patient's mouth. The third, the patient interviews conducted for the keluhannya or disease history and proceed with the palpability of dots akupresur.

By now, acupressure also already known in other parts of the world, such as the United States, France, UK, and many more. This illustrates at the same time, not closed the possibility of this alternative into one of the solutions to treat a disease, despite medical technology in the country is already very advanced.

For Health

Useful to reduce various aches and pain and reduce tension, fatigue and illness. One type of surgery with the thrust of the needle-needle-point to a certain point in the body, Acupressure cure sickness and pain is difficult to be cured - for the problem of stroke, back pain, spondilitis, stomach cramps, nerve interference, arthritis, diabetes, asthma, migraine, difficulty sleeping, etc.. At that point, the emphasis this point, more than 1,000 of them actually is a small nerve with a diameter of approximately one centimeter, with a depth that varies between a quarter to several inches. attached or close to the muscle or tendon.

Acupressure point located on both the hands as well as on the second foot. At the bottom there is a point of acupressure for Heart, Lung, kidney, eyes, heart, thyroid gland, pancreas, brain and Sinus. If you do not know exactly where the point that are right in your hands then slap your hands for two minutes and your hands will get the required pressure. Some Shadus (Saint of India) said that while sing songs in the church there is a god ritual slap hands, this was introduced in India by the holy stimulate the points for this ( acupressure )

For Beauty

Meanwhile acupressure beauty can be done to deal with pimple, black circle in the eye, preventing photoaging, hair fall, streamline the body, and others.

So many people who want to appear beautiful with a quick, make acupressure also increasingly become a choice. But this contention is not entirely correct, because the level of success acupressure is also influenced by the level of discipline of the patient. For example, patients who want to streamline the body is not enough just through a series of stages acupressure treatment, but must also be offset with a regular healthy diet. The discipline of the patient, the result is the more perfect.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Raw broccoli or cabbage can reduce the risk of bladder cancer

Eat raw broccoli or cabbage three times a month can reduce the risk of bladder cancer to 40 percent, so that research results were presented at the American Association of Cancer Research. The study is that other fruits can also be colored black to reduce the risk of cancer. This is all encouraging the conclusion that fruit and vegetables, especially the rich color, can reduce the risk of cancer.

The survey carried out on 275 people who have bladder cancer and 825 who did not contract cancer. This organization pattern, learn to eat vegetables such as broccoli and cabbage. Foods component of them are rich of isothiocyanates, which is known to press the risk of cancer.

Why vegetables are required in the raw? Because, heating can reduce the 60 to 90 percent of isothiocyanates, said Dr. Li Tang who led the study.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Reduce blood cholesterol level with almond nut

Please come to the bakery then order the almond croissant. Because, the ones benefit of almond nuts will be able to reduce blood cholesterol level. It is according to the experts through the circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association. It is said, in the tempo of one month, between LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) to replace the adult food with 74 grams of almond in their diet will decrease to 10 percent.

According to Julie Walsh, spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association, people who consume nuts also showed a decrease in cholesterol. However, add nuts in the diet and fat content kalorinya enough to cause the addition of body weight, a heart disease risk factors.

When we eat an almond nut, we are technically eating the seed of the fruit from the almond tree. The almond nut is off white in colour and oval in shape, it is covered by a thin brownish skin and then the hard shell. There are two types of almond, sweet and bitter.

It is the sweet almond that we eat. Bitter almonds are used for almond oil and it is this oil which is famously used in the liqueur Amaretto. Almonds are thought to originally come from the regions of western Asia and North Africa; they are an ancient food which has been eaten since ancient Greek and Roman times. Almonds are now typically cultivated in the Mediterranean countries and also in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Morocco and also in the American state of California.

Almonds are packed with protein and help to prevent diseases such as gallstones, type 1 diabetes, colon cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, cholesterol and aid weight loss. They are a good source of manganese, copper and vitamin B2 which help to fight against the health damaging free radicals and increase oxygen-based energy production which promotes the antioxidant molecule, glutathione. The flavonoids in the skin of the almonds, together with the vitamin E which is in the flesh of the nut, make almonds when eaten with the skin on, an extremely powerful antioxidant food with a double whammy effect.

Almond and beans is the diet to reduce the risk of heart trouble without the need to increase body weight. But, even though the bean is rich in protein and saturated fat not only good for health, a peanut also has high calories.

Medium almond, such as avocado and olive oil, the womb has no single saturated fat is higher than other nuts. Besides able to reduce bad cholesterol, in a study that lasted for a month full of information, the almond is also able to increase the good cholesterol (HDL) to 12 percent.

"So, people should remember, when they eat beans, they should avoid other sources of calories," said Walsh.

The Nutrients

• Calcium
• Dietary fibre
• Folic acid
• Magnesium
• Phosphorus
• Potassium
• Tryptophan
• Vitamin E
• Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)
• Vitamin B3
• Zinc

The Benefits

• Good source of protein and minerals especially for vegetarians
• Contains the anti-cancer agent leatril
• Very alkaline
• Excellent source of vitamin E and B vitamins thiamine and niacin

The Drawbacks

• Immature almonds can contain cyanide-producing compounds
• High in calories
• Some people may have an allergic reaction

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