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Thursday, June 18, 2009

How to choose the right and safe baby stroller?

Nowadays, the train or push a baby stroller, is already one of the mandatory equipment owned by young couples. In the various shops that sell baby equipment, you will see the 1001 type of push cart or stroller. Not only the color variation of the variety, but also shape or model. Each offers different features and prices many varies also.

However, from various model strollers available in the market, it is surely all can be divided into three major groups, ie, regular stroller, twin stroller for the child, and now starting as trend stroller is a jogger alias for the ordinary people who bring love and baby to participate in jogging.

Type of stroller

1. Regular Stroller

This group includes all types of stroller that is designed and enabled to carry a baby or child under five. For, there are other groups which stroller is made specifically to bring the twain. Stroller single itself, can be grouped according to function again:
  • Universal, it can be used as a normal pushcart, and thus can also function as a removable car seat
  • A pair with the car seat. Stroller type of this pair is made with the car seat which is very similar, both model and color. So, you will be able to move freely in the small car's seat into the stroller, or vice versa. This second type, both the universal and the pair with the car seat, suitable for you who frequently travel
  • Single function, that is, only functions as a stroller only, and can not be used as a car seat

2. Twin Stroller for Children

Consistent with its function, this stroller is 2 types, namely:
  • Holder adjacent each other, especially for twin 2
  • The holder to the back row, good for 2 or more twin

3. Stroller for Jogging

The wells of stroller for the baby typically sized and shaped more like a bicycle wheel. Other characteristics are more slender shape or stroller more streamlined than usual, because of the slim form of this is designed to minimize the occurrence of air friction during use.

How to Choose

To reduce the confusion you feel, how we will facilitate you to specify the options that fit:

The size and weight

Stroller weight varies, there is a light, medium, and heavy. When you include an active mother, then should not choose a size too big and heavy to light are classified. Also, choose a size rodanya not too large, because one wrong-wheel stroller every time you'll be stuck on the alignment rack clothes when you invite The Small shop in the mall! Conversely, if you do not have too much travel, the stroller is rather robust and less weight, will not be a problem for you


Should not choose a stroller that is too beautiful, for example, that all pink with lace-lace, while you are not sure of sex with your fetus. And also, who knows your child's future is the next man! So, for the long term, choose a neutral appearance, can be used for the baby.

Security system

Most of the stroller has a 3 or a belt system that was the body of the tie on a small stroller. However, in infants or children under five who are very active, 3 security system is inadequate. Well, if you are a small child who is very active, should you choose to provide a stroller belt 5 or the security system, so any active movement of the baby, its will be guaranteed safe inherent in its stroller.

The closing bell

Some stroller manufacturers provide a variety of additional equipment can be purchased freely. For example, a bell or whistle, toys that can be installed on the swing or the future, the cover (cap), even comprehensive cover made of see-through plastic. Purchase a variety of additional equipment as needed, and do not fixated only by the cool appearance.

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