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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Uncomfortable situation that is felt by pregnant women

During pregnancy, changes occur in the woman body. These changes occurred because of the body and adjust to the needs of the flower growing fetus. Not uncommon major changes that occurred resulted in many complaints, disturbances, or uncomfortable felt pregnant women. Even the larger fetus pregnancy and the elderly, usually only the more complaints experienced. Various complaints of pregnant women actually felt natural. Itcourse, happens at the same time physical and psychological changes experienced remarkable changes. Things that usually being repine by the prospective mother and how to address them.

Oedema (edema)

Edema is cumulation fluid during pregnancy. And that is in progress so that's going around, such as swelling in the leg, arm, leg, hands, and face. This condition usually occurs in 75 percent of women pregnancy, and usually appear at the age of the pregnancy to semester-3 or 8 months of pregnancy. Edema does not normally cause symptoms that dangerous, in addition to not feeling comfortable and feeling weary-weary. But the mother possibility of pregnancy should be cautious emergence of edema that is not normal, swelling of parts of the body weight increase at the same time with the body quickly, so that may be related to the pre-eklampsia.

For the time-period, pregnant women who have edema need to rest frequently. Do not continue to stand or sitting alone. Laying position with the feet higher than the head. Avoid or wear stockings and shoes are tight have / rights /. In addition, avoid the drug / diuretic /
especially in early pregnancy. Should add the salmon meat or other fresh fish to the daily menu. Do not consuming over-salt because it can add a lot of pent-up body fluids. Use flower oil the sun for cooking or baking.


About 70 percent of pregnant women experiencing or hiperpigmentation also called chloasma. Usually changes the color of some apart of their body to be more dark This occurs in approximately axilla, genitalia, stomach, thigh, and the navel. Instead it also occurs frequently nails grow faster, fragile and easily separated. Chloasma is caused by hormone changes during pregnancy, drinking contraception pills, materials of cosmetics and medicines, the descendants of the problem, and shelf-ray sun.

PUPP (Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy)

PUPP less rarely known because pregnant women who mengalaminya. PUPPP is a condition where the pregnant women experience itchy-itchy on the skin, starting to low levels of chronic, which usually appear on the last tree semester of pregnancy. Itch-itch is different with itchy as normal, and usually begins from the stomach and then spreading to the thigh, arms, and chest. But the same PUPPP it was not contagious and does not endanger the mother or the fetus. PUPPP causes not known, but most (75%) mothers giving birth to the baby PUPPP men.

Similar to the causes, ways to prevent PUPPP also not known. However, pregnant women are usually recommended for the PUPPP smear lotion or cream that can reduce the itchiness. If
does not work, should be examined themselves to get to the doctor alternative therapy.

Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS)

Restless legs syndrome is a condition where pregnant women have to feel like things that creep and pins on the feet or hands of members. Approximately 5-10 percent of pregnant women experience RLS. Therefore, the doctor often recommend that pregnant women are often moving, especially the feet but not to exhaustion. This syndrome is the because it will cause the weary foot-weary, and circumstances such as this will continued until 2-4 weeks after birth.


In general, sciatica, or commonly called a waist joints sore, is a pain because the nerve or inflammation at the bottom of the waist and can be crawling to the buttocks or rear leg. Approximately 50-80 percent of pregnant women experience sciatica, and starting age usually appear 5-7 weeks of pregnancy.This usually arises in the pregnant women who often work with the position sit or stand too long, floating bed position, ascend the stairs, collect the goods, rotate the body, excessive running, and others. The conditions will be created in the musculature akan sekujur back feels tense. Usually this pain is not immediately only recover with rest and relief in the morning.

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