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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The vital functions of water in human body

Water is the main component of the human body. Do you know if this liquid take variety of vital functions . Water bodies vary according to age. Fetus in the womb, the mother consists of 100% water, while a new born baby is comprised of 75% water. While adults consisting of 60% water and the elderly comprised 50% of the water.
So the importance of water in the body so that only a little short of measure, the body can experience a variety of health problems. Not merely a matter of measure, existence may be spelled out very important activities in the body. As a variety of vital functions such as:

1. As a solvent and transport equipment the nutrient. Substances-vitamin and hormone bring this in to all the body parts that need.

2. As a catalyst that simplify and accelerate many biological reactions in the body, including in the alimentary tract.

3. As a lubricant base-base joints of the body so that it does not rub against each other and can move freely

4. Self as Body Temperature of water have the ability to distribute heat, so that play an important role in distributing heat in the body.

5. Reduce impact on the surface of the body organs that are soft and muted to avoid the impact that can cause damage.

6. Maintain Health And Beauty Body therapy with the use of water internally with drinking water or external as treatment of disease. This is because water is drunk enough, and with the correct method can purify poison-poison found in the body.

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