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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sex safe during pregnancy

In addition to physical changes, women who are pregnant usually have a need for changes in attention and intimacy in relationships with spouses. From the emosional, pregnant women more sensitive, and the intimacy they may have felt through touch or just talk with couples in bed while you hold hands, even though the sex is not prohibited during pregnancy.

Following signs you need to know to make sex safe during pregnancy:
  • The position of woman on top or sideways position that is comfortable for pregnant women.
  • Before doing that in the penetration, which must be given priority is the comfort and freedom of pregnant women.
  • Use of a foreign object in the vagina or around the tool bantu sex, as much as possible be avoided.
  • Pain understanding, empathy, humor and creativity are aspects that should have during the sexual relationship at the time of pregnancy.
  • When any, eligible pregnant women say 'No'
  • If you have a high risk pregnancy, orgasme penetration and should be avoided until a doctor declares safe. Stimulus through the stalk should also be avoided in pregnancy conditions such as this.
  • Avoid water penetration if fetal broken or leaking.
  • Sexuality in any form should be avoided if pregnant women or contaminated spouses have been exposed to the virus or HIV. Use condoms if you want to do is keep sexual activity.

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