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Thursday, March 13, 2008

How to manage the baby blues?

"I can not explain to my husband what I felt. When feeling sad over, I gave in and the baby does ask. But, of course, will feel more comfortable if he lengannya to roll my shoulder. "
Approximately 50 to 80 percent of young mothers experience "baby blues". Usually starts on the second or third day after the baby is born and end no more than 10 days kemudian.

The symptoms

That include:
* Cry.
* Changes in feelings.
* Anxious.
* Lonely.
* A decrease in sexual appetite.
* Worried about the baby.
* Less confident about the ability to become a mother.

What should be done to prevent?

There are many things to do, such as:
* Prevention baby blues is still initiated at the time of pregnancy.
* Care of yourself.
* Eat a balanced menu, sports, and rest essential to prevent and reduce the feeling of change.

Your brain is controlled by a number of chemical and hormonal production is dependent on the supply of blood and oxygen and nutritional substances. The most effective way for the production of hormones is that sports will stimulate blood circulation, relax, making your body repair the damaged parts and restore energy, and good nutrition, which provides what is needed by the central nervous system to maintain a balance of emotional healthy. (Continue to eat a vitamin consumption during pregnancy during the next few months so that you get all the nutrition needed).

Feel Comfort

What should be done ?
* Many of rest. Ask for help the family, neighbor, friend or helpmate to keep your baby while you siesta.
* Each day try berekreasi. Plan out the baby with you, or ask the family to maintain the poppet while you go shopping, roads, following the exercises, or go for a night out with her husband.
* Eat foods with a balanced menu. Including many cereals, dairy products, fruits and fresh vegetables, and foods rich in protein such as fish, chicken, beef, cheese and pod-polongan.
* Ask for support. Tell a pair of what you feel and ask for help and support. Follow the assembly mothers, or mother's complicated friendship with another young mother-in your office.
* Trust yourself. Note that even without experience, many new parents do what is right for their baby.

What to Avoid ?
* Avoid too analyze your feelings. Baby blues is a normal event.
* Avoid trying to do all that you do like before your baby is born. Think a moment before giving the command in other people.
* Avoid exclude themselves from family and friends. You need private time, but also need support and friendship.

The period of depression in childbed

Depression during childbed or postpartum depression (PPD) is a term for the syndrome is very serious misconception. Experts do not agree with the very definition of this, then I will not try to define you. But I will tell you what it, what should I do if my experience it.

Symptoms of PPD include:

* It's hard to sleep, even when your baby is sleeping.
* Lost appetite.
* The freeze does not control or lose.
* Too worried or not at all the attention on the baby.
* No fear or touch like a baby.
* A scary thought about your baby.
* Little or no attention to personal appearance.
* Physical symptoms such as difficulty breathing or a feeling pulse.

If you experience these symptoms, you should inform your husband, the midwife / doctor and the trainers of childbirth preparation, about what you feel. Since if found early, the disease can be cured with medication and counseling. If the depression very heavy, you may need to be treated in the hospital.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Recognize the trauma of injury teeth

Don't be panic! You may follow:
  • Learn the required emergency course of action in orofacial trauma cases.
  • Be able to advise parent of best course of action following the injury.
  • Recognize that other orofacial structures may have been damaged.
  • Understand the significance of early referral to a pediatric dentist for careful assessment of the injury.
Do the injury baby or permanent teeth of your child like ones of these?

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