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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Light Up Your Life with Sensual Massage

If you just feel tired now, try during this massage a pair with each other in the press room is closed, without any clothes sheet. However, avoid restricted areas.

Sensual massage, that is the designation for the activities of each other in the squeeze between the husband and wife, the aim is to provide mutual enjoyment of each other, like any couple that are required by us. Target sensual massage is not clear genital or sex organ. In fact, in this sensual massage areas that are prohibited for a massage, the stalk, breast, and male and female sex.

The main purpose of the sensual massage is that you and your partner can give each other time, attention, and awareness. You can talk while intimate, and the more often it is done will make you angry is not easy on it.

After each massage, you will feel comfortable, relax, and fall asleep. If sometimes ended with the sexual relationship, it's only one result only, but not the goal. To remember:

1. If you want to do sensual massage, you can do with the decline of all clothing.
2. Do on the floor with a soft lining and soft, or on the bed.
3. Prepare the olive oil, baby oil, massage oil or other lubricants as.
4. Play music that was fun, both of you.
5. Make a turn, between both of you
6. Do not forget the message in the children's maid, and that you will not be disturbed, turn off the phone, and lock the door firmly.

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