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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Avoid Disabled Baby is Ones of Various Benefits from Folat Acid

Research conducted by experts showed the benefits of various folat acid . In addition to preventing disability, lack of folat acid will also cause anemia, premature gray, listless, insomnia, easy to forget, and depression. Folat acid consumption is enough to reduce the risk of a baby born premature and at risk infants born with heart rudiment. Feed the recommended is 400 microgram per day.

Folat acid supplement is a product that has been riched with folat, the type of vitamin B that can be found naturally in green vegetables, fruits or nuts sitrus dry.

Pregnant women or women who are planning a pregnancy are certainly folat acid. For women in this group folat acid supplement consumption is a must. For pregnant women, or planning a pregnancy needs more higher, namely 600 microgram per day. Lack of food that riched with folat acid can cause the baby is born with humans tube defect or failure of nerve close the tube completely. This can cause spina bifida (cleft spine on), anensefaly (no domed skull and brain), or ensefalosel (cleft in the skull bones).

In fact folat acid required by all the women in fertile age. This is because failure to close the tube nervous going on the perfect day-to-28 after fertilization, in which women are generally not aware of the pregnancy. Those who are planning a pregnancy are advised consume acid folat four months before the pregnancy.

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