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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Simple steps to avoid dry eyes

PEOPLE who work in front of the computer for long hours each day, or wearing contact lenses usually have a dry eye. This disease is also a common problem for those working in the area of windy, the smoke area, berpolusi, or close to the chemicals.

Dry eyes or keratocunctivitis sicca (dry eye in the eye because of lack of water) is usually marked with the feeling of sand in the eyes, not comfortable, dry feeling, feeling hot, do not wind resistant, and does not read the proof in a long time. Usually the symptoms will be felt in the night. Therefore, recognize some trigger to avoid dry eyes.
Here some simple steps :
  1. Try to rest the eyes after some time look a computer screen. You can close your eyes for the moment that the ball can drabble eyes naturally look to for direction and monitor than a wink the eye.
  2. Do not direct the air to breathe fast in front of the fan, hair dryer, or close the window. Also highly recommended to use glasses if it is in these places. In addition, when trying to swim do not forget to wear glasses to avoid irritation pool.
  3. If there is time, compress the eyes a few minutes. This step is intended to reduce the reddish color on eye fatigue and dry. In addition to the above steps, you can also use the drops that many drugs sold in the market. However, you should consider carefully the composition of eyedrops are not going to be something that is not desired. Highly recommended to consult with doctors before deciding eyedrops good for your eyes.

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