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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Decrease in bone and heart health threatening the little balerina

HealthDay News in early June reported that the little balerina, the kid who learn ballet seriously, have the likely decrease the risk of heart and bone health. Many complaints from the little balerina required to follow a very strict diet to maintain body shape and feed of fat.

General found that the complaint is menstrual irregularity. This is caused by a lack of food to Feed the body, so that no body has enough energy. The cause is also a risk that can be a decrease in heart and bone health.

Feed and food shortages are rarely menstruated regularly and can not put the dancers on this cardiovascular risk and less dense bones in old age, when the tread post menopause. Such a study issued by Dr. Anne Hoch, health practitioners Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, United States.

Research in the relationship between food restriction, lack of menstruation, not normal vascular function, and less dense bones, Hoch and colleagues examine 22 professional balerina.

The researchers found that 36 percent of the dancers has a habit of not eating healthy, 77 percent lack of calories, 27 percent suffered from amenorrhea (menses not come that often), 23 percent experienced less dense bones, and 64 percent of the arterial dilation that is not normal.

"No there have been reports on the professional dancers who have problems with her menstruation evidence vascular dysfunction. However, in this group is visible. Some 86 percent of respondents have at least one or more risk factors vascular dysfunction, and 14 have four persennya risk factor deviation vascular, "said Hoch the news.

This report was presented at the annual meeting the American College of Sports Medicine in Seattle.

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