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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Why do the people like the contact lenses?

Contact lenses are thin plastic lens worn patch on the eyes cornea. Contact lenses have the same functionality with the glasses, the edit refraction aberration, aberration accommodation, therapy and cosmetics.

Choosing contact lenses

The types of contact lenses
1. Hard Contact Lens Contact Lenses Hard or
2. Contact Lens Soft Contact Lenses or Other
3. Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) Lens

Use of contact lenses may initially feel comfortable and require less time adjustment. Type of soft contact lenses only takes a few days to adjust, and RGP contact lenses require a period adaptation 2-4 weeks. In this time, soft contact lens and RGP is more often used for reasons of security and comfort factor.

RGP contact lenses are easily passed cornea so that oxygen can function properly. On RGP contact lenses, oxygen is not only available at the time of eye blinks, but also from the air that can be freely through the lens to reach the cornea. This has caused RGP contact lenses more comfortable in use for a long time.

RGP contact lenses provide better vision sharp, easily treated
and cleaned, the life is longer, able to edit refraction astigmatism aberration that is caused by surface irregularity kelengkungan cornea. However, RGP contact lenses did not senyaman soft contact lenses and need longer adaptation.

Soft contact lenses available for the use of long-term and daily usage. Both types of soft contact lens has an oxygen content ago (ability to be oxygen) that vary according to the material, water content, design and thick. Soft contact lenses more comfortable and more shorter for adaptation period. Less likely to quit when doing activities that excessive compared to RGP.

In the adjustment, the patient may be somewhat disturbed by the sense of the wedge lens is perceived as a foreign object by the eye. Feelings will disappear after adaptation period. The patient with dry eye will be more difficult to adapt when wearing contact lenses.

To determine the type of contact lens that best complete the examination and required consultation with a specialist eye doctor.

Contact lenses for Special Needs

In addition to function as a substitute for glasses, contact lenses can also be used in the following circumstances:

Correction Keratoconus

Keratoconus cornea aberration is where the center of the cornea slender cone-shaped so that the cornea and not regularly. Use of contact lenses on the surface shape function keratoconus new, more organized, keep the keratoconus and edit existing refraction aberration.

Bandage therapy
Contact lenses sometimes used for drug application with the goal of accelerating the process of wound healing and also protect the wound on the cornea.

Colored contact lenses can be used to disguise the seam / scar on the network to change the cornea and iris color.

Use Safe contact lenses

Some of the things that need to be by contact lens users:
  • Always wash hands before touching contact lenses.
  • Wash and disinfecting the contact lenses every time after use.
  • Place the contact lens is left to be washed and dried every day. Once a week, where contact lenses disinfecting with boiling water. Change the contact lenses regularly.
  • Take a contact lens care instructions provided by your eye doctor
  • Dispose of liquid that has been used immediately, should not be used for the second time.
  • Do not use a saline solution made.
  • Do not store in the contact lens that is not sterile liquids such as tap water or water distillation.
  • Do not wear contact lenses that are damaged or old. Check your eyes regularly (at least once a year).
  • Check with your doctor before your eyes is an eyedrops, because there eyedrops (including a sold-free) that can interact with contact lenses.
  • Stop the use of contact lenses immediately if the red-eye or not comfortable when wearing contact lenses. If the problem persists, contact your eye doctor.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sex safe during pregnancy

In addition to physical changes, women who are pregnant usually have a need for changes in attention and intimacy in relationships with spouses. From the emosional, pregnant women more sensitive, and the intimacy they may have felt through touch or just talk with couples in bed while you hold hands, even though the sex is not prohibited during pregnancy.

Following signs you need to know to make sex safe during pregnancy:
  • The position of woman on top or sideways position that is comfortable for pregnant women.
  • Before doing that in the penetration, which must be given priority is the comfort and freedom of pregnant women.
  • Use of a foreign object in the vagina or around the tool bantu sex, as much as possible be avoided.
  • Pain understanding, empathy, humor and creativity are aspects that should have during the sexual relationship at the time of pregnancy.
  • When any, eligible pregnant women say 'No'
  • If you have a high risk pregnancy, orgasme penetration and should be avoided until a doctor declares safe. Stimulus through the stalk should also be avoided in pregnancy conditions such as this.
  • Avoid water penetration if fetal broken or leaking.
  • Sexuality in any form should be avoided if pregnant women or contaminated spouses have been exposed to the virus or HIV. Use condoms if you want to do is keep sexual activity.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pay Attention: Diseases Due to Stress

Although stress is reasonable, but if not managed properly, can disrupt the health effects. The following are some diseases that can appear due to stress:

Heart disease.
During stress the body will release adrenalin which can hamper arterial blood vessel. If this happens, the blood pressure will rise and this will increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. Some studies show, there is a strong correlation between stress and a tendency to store fat in the stomach. And usually this condition can be seen in people with body shape resembling apples.

Lost memories.
Stress hormones, which are often referred to as glucocorticoid, work on the hippocampus is one part of the brain responsible for memory formation.

Gum disease.
A study published in the Journal of Periodontology in July 1999 found that people who experience high stress in the financial ability and have them in the low, the risk doubled for the occurrence of disease associated with the gum. And it is one of the risk factors of a heart disease, respiratory channel and diabetes complications.


With changes in levels of brain chemical, such as norepinephrine, serotonin and dopamine, stress can affect one of them into depression.

Weak resistance body.
A research indicates that stress can increase the development of a flu as much as 3-5 times.

Increase in body weight.
Increased cortisol can turn on the storage of fat cells in the body, especially in the stomach. This can cause resistance to insulin that can increase the risk of diabetes.

Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PPMD) or Pre Menstruasion Syndrome: Definition, Causes, Diagnosis, and Medicine

Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PPMD) or Pre Menstruasion Syndrome ) is a situation where a number of symptoms occur regularly and in touch with the cycle menstruasi; symptoms usually occur 7-10 days before menstruasi and disappear when menstruasi started.

Pre Menstruasion Syndrome may be related to increased estrogen-degree descent and progesteron that occur during the cycle menstruasi.
Estrogen causes fluid containment, it is likely that the increase in body weight, the network swelling, breast pain and flatulence.

The cause of the syndrome is not known but may be related to factors of social, cultural, biological and psychological. This syndrome occurs in approximately 70-90% of women in fertile age. More often found in women aged 20-40 years.

Weight and type of symptoms vary in each woman and vary in each month. Women who suffered from epilepsy may be more often experience cramps. Women who suffered ligament disease network (such as lupus or arthritis rematoid) may experience this.

Symptoms that may be found are:

1. Physical changes
- Pain Management back
- Flatulence
- Breast feel full and painful
- Changes in appetite
- Constipation
- Headaches
- Unconscious
- Pain Management head
- Regional pelvic droop or depression
- Hot flashes (skin of the face, neck, chest, and looks red hot teraba)
- Insomania
- Not equipped with a
- Nausea and vomiting
- Exhaustion of extremes
- Skin aberration (eg, whelk and neurodermatitis)
- Painful swelling or a network socket
- The weight
2. Changes in mood
- Easy to anger
- Worry
- Depression
- Easy umbrageous
- Nervous
- Seated sad, happy moment
3. Mental changes
- Chaotic
- It's hard to concentrate
- Forgetful.

The diagnosis based on symptoms that occur several days before the mentruation.

Combination of contraception pills containing estrogen and progesteron can help reduce the increase-decrease in estrogen level and progesteron.

To reduce the fluid containment and flatulence, people should reduce the salt and consume food with diuretic light (eg, spironolactone). People can also reduce sugar, alcohol and cafein; add carbohydrate and eat more often.

To reduce the headaches, pain due to cramps womb and joint pain, can be given anti-inflammation drugs non-steroid.

Feeling anxious and nervous can be assisted with a relaxation exercise and meditation.
Fluoxetine can reduce depression and other symptoms.

Usually given vitamin B6, calcium and magnesium.