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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Myth and fact about hair treatment

The beautiful and shining hair is a dream of all women. No wonder if all the suggestions made. However, know that not all advice is correct. Many of them are just a myth. Here are some myths about hair that is often heard and the fact indeed.

Myth: Trim the hair will make hair grow longer.
"Hair grows from the root, not from the tip of the hair," said Michael Wright, senior scientist at the head of Nexxus Salon Hair Care. Trim the ends of the hair is done to prevent the ends of the hair that fork out the entire stem and damage the hair. Keep the hair to stay healthy with a comprehensive treatment. Try to treat the hair from sun damage and heat from the regulation of hair. So myths are not true.

Myth: Scalp massage can stimulate hair growth.
The scalp massage is done to improve blood circulation, reduce stress, and distribute natural oils to the scalp hair. All this can help so that the cells function better, thus making the growth of hair, but the more optimal level of growth will not increase. Generally, the hair will grow half an inch per month.

Myth: Chemical substances straightener hair products hair can change the texture of hair permanently.
If you noticed, for some people the hair was straightened by the chemical (rebounding), the new hair will grow back or be the same wave as they are. After the treatment of hair straightening, hair that has changed is only the visible hair and straightening product exposure. Oxygen chemical straightening of hair can not penetrate to the root of the hair. Similarly, in the hair which is often in-blowdry. They are often the hair blowdry feel more straight. However, what they actually see is the hair loss has damaged the texture, not a permanent change.

Myth: Binding the hair in the same area repeatedly can make bald-headed.
"Twitch continuously (constant) in the region use the same rubber that can be wound tight folicle hair and make them stop the hair. This effect is called alopecia tug, "said Doris Day, New York dermathotogys. He suggested to change as often as possible or how to set the hair bundle in the head. If you need to bind the head, also, try to tide with rubber that is not too tight. Select a bit loose. Bundle of hair, hat, braid, bandana, and the other in charge of hair can result in this case, if placed in the same position.

Myth: Comb the hair to make hair more shine.
Comb the hair 100 times before bed as the daughter in the fairy stories will not make your hair look more beautiful. In fact, it will make the hair look more serious. Comb the hair can make hair cuticle look dull and damage, also causes the ends of the hair and make it broken fork. Using the wrong tool can damage the hair. In general, plastic and metal from the comb can weaken the hair cuticle and cause damage or static, and the hair is set to be difficult. So, try to replace the comb with a brush with a soft feather. Use a brush comb on dry hair. While for the wet hair, use a comb with teeth that rare. Brush the hair enough to make you not disheveled hair, and comb the hair can be easily. Simply comb it several times per day, no need to repeatedly.

Myth: Cold water can be added to the diffraction of hair and prevent hair rough.
Hair is rinsed with cold water can make them look more shining, because while making the hair shaft cuticle closed. However, the results will not take long if your hair does not dry out properly. Make sure the hair cuticle remain closed meeting with conditioner hair or applying hair products based on Silicon to close. Or, use a special shampoo for the hair shine, and soft.

Myth: Hair can be immune to the shampoo.
The task is just shampoo to clean hair. Then, why your favorite shampoo was suddenly no longer feels like work? Shampoo contains material which provides advantages for the regulation, but also leave residues that can accumulate. If you start to find that your hair look dull, use a clarifying shampoo that does. That is, it served to remove chemical residue-residue that accumulate on the hair once every two weeks. If more often, you will only make hair dry and lack of natural hair oil.

Myth: Hair color can change the texture of hair.
Permanent hair coloring is a protective layer on the hair and the hair cuticle can penetration into the head skin. While semi-permanent hair coloring keep hair color on the stem and not too damaging. Both methods have advantages of each. Color can make the hair shaft thicker. This change is more visible in women with fine hair types of hair or a hair low.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Guava (Psidium guajava), miraculous fruit against the Dengue Fever

At the first stage of the disease and the recovery phase, guava can be consumed to help overcome the lack of liquids and trombosit, and to increase body resistance. So can be said that the guava potential cure dengue fever.

Generally, the guava fruit (Psidium guajava) rounded shape, slightly rounded, slightly pointed up. Fruit allegedly came from South of Mexico has a thin skin so that it can be eaten without the need peeled.

In accordance with the name, it contains a strong, small-sized and many small. If you want to try to count the number of seeds can range between 112 to 600. The number of seeds which are hard and it was quite the pleasure consume guava. Hence, experts guava cultivation are now working to varietes that does not have seeds, or at least contain the seeds in a little amount.

As fresh and processed food , this fruit have a lot of vitamin, the actual vitamin A and vitamin C. Did you know that the actual vitamin C fruit is 4-fold higher than the orange.

As a source of vitamin C, guava is less popular than the orange. In fact, in reality the actual vitamin C guava so far higher than the orange. In every 100 g guava contains about 183 mg vitamin C, while the orange only 50 mg vitamin C.

How to select, store and consume

With consuming guava regularly will give good nutrition for the body. That is vitamin A. Moreover, if the guava does not need to be consumed with the skin peeled. Why? Because the skin of the guava has vitamin C contents are very high.

We must be carefull to choose and save the guava

1. If you buy guava, choose according to needs. If it will be eaten immediately, would buy a guava is ripe and soft fruit. However, if the purchase amount in the relatively more and be saved, then buy a guava is old (mature) but still hard and green. In the cases such as this, the fruit guava resistant stored in the refrigerator for more than 1 week.

2. If it will be consumed or processed further, guava need to remove from the refrigerator and put in room temperature for 1-5 minutes until it is soft and cooked texture. If you do not want it mature, then can be taken directly from the refrigerator without the need to be put in the room temperature first.

3. When mature, guava only survive in one or two days. One way to use guava that already cooked, or overcooked, is a way into porridge or squash puree (can use blender), and store in freezer. Guava pulp can be used as material to be mixed with drinks and yoghurt drinks, or other.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Simple steps to avoid dry eyes

PEOPLE who work in front of the computer for long hours each day, or wearing contact lenses usually have a dry eye. This disease is also a common problem for those working in the area of windy, the smoke area, berpolusi, or close to the chemicals.

Dry eyes or keratocunctivitis sicca (dry eye in the eye because of lack of water) is usually marked with the feeling of sand in the eyes, not comfortable, dry feeling, feeling hot, do not wind resistant, and does not read the proof in a long time. Usually the symptoms will be felt in the night. Therefore, recognize some trigger to avoid dry eyes.
Here some simple steps :
  1. Try to rest the eyes after some time look a computer screen. You can close your eyes for the moment that the ball can drabble eyes naturally look to for direction and monitor than a wink the eye.
  2. Do not direct the air to breathe fast in front of the fan, hair dryer, or close the window. Also highly recommended to use glasses if it is in these places. In addition, when trying to swim do not forget to wear glasses to avoid irritation pool.
  3. If there is time, compress the eyes a few minutes. This step is intended to reduce the reddish color on eye fatigue and dry. In addition to the above steps, you can also use the drops that many drugs sold in the market. However, you should consider carefully the composition of eyedrops are not going to be something that is not desired. Highly recommended to consult with doctors before deciding eyedrops good for your eyes.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Magical Effect from Acupressure

Acupressure is (from "acupuncture" and "pressure") one form of physiotherapy with massage provide stimulation and the point on the body. It is a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) technique derived from acupuncture.

As with traditional Chinese medicine in general, using this principle acupressure balance Yin and Yang. Pressure made to some point in the surface of the body strives to maintain and sustain the Qi (energy) in order to remain balanced. With the balance in the human body, health is the fruit that can be quoted. Meanwhile, like a circle, with the body of a healthy natural beauty is also available.

Pressure at the point-a point made even more diverse. Unlike the case with about 5000 years ago, in which pressure is to use bamboo or stone.

Acupressure this also can not be any, but it must be through a series of first-stage examination. The first step, the shape of the face, tongue movements and the patient. Color of the tongue may be an indication of disease. Then proceed with the hearing and smell, where akupresuris try to detect the disease through the sweat and smell the patient's mouth. The third, the patient interviews conducted for the keluhannya or disease history and proceed with the palpability of dots akupresur.

By now, acupressure also already known in other parts of the world, such as the United States, France, UK, and many more. This illustrates at the same time, not closed the possibility of this alternative into one of the solutions to treat a disease, despite medical technology in the country is already very advanced.

For Health

Useful to reduce various aches and pain and reduce tension, fatigue and illness. One type of surgery with the thrust of the needle-needle-point to a certain point in the body, Acupressure cure sickness and pain is difficult to be cured - for the problem of stroke, back pain, spondilitis, stomach cramps, nerve interference, arthritis, diabetes, asthma, migraine, difficulty sleeping, etc.. At that point, the emphasis this point, more than 1,000 of them actually is a small nerve with a diameter of approximately one centimeter, with a depth that varies between a quarter to several inches. attached or close to the muscle or tendon.

Acupressure point located on both the hands as well as on the second foot. At the bottom there is a point of acupressure for Heart, Lung, kidney, eyes, heart, thyroid gland, pancreas, brain and Sinus. If you do not know exactly where the point that are right in your hands then slap your hands for two minutes and your hands will get the required pressure. Some Shadus (Saint of India) said that while sing songs in the church there is a god ritual slap hands, this was introduced in India by the holy stimulate the points for this ( acupressure )

For Beauty

Meanwhile acupressure beauty can be done to deal with pimple, black circle in the eye, preventing photoaging, hair fall, streamline the body, and others.

So many people who want to appear beautiful with a quick, make acupressure also increasingly become a choice. But this contention is not entirely correct, because the level of success acupressure is also influenced by the level of discipline of the patient. For example, patients who want to streamline the body is not enough just through a series of stages acupressure treatment, but must also be offset with a regular healthy diet. The discipline of the patient, the result is the more perfect.