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Friday, February 20, 2009

The Guava (Psidium guajava), miraculous fruit against the Dengue Fever

At the first stage of the disease and the recovery phase, guava can be consumed to help overcome the lack of liquids and trombosit, and to increase body resistance. So can be said that the guava potential cure dengue fever.

Generally, the guava fruit (Psidium guajava) rounded shape, slightly rounded, slightly pointed up. Fruit allegedly came from South of Mexico has a thin skin so that it can be eaten without the need peeled.

In accordance with the name, it contains a strong, small-sized and many small. If you want to try to count the number of seeds can range between 112 to 600. The number of seeds which are hard and it was quite the pleasure consume guava. Hence, experts guava cultivation are now working to varietes that does not have seeds, or at least contain the seeds in a little amount.

As fresh and processed food , this fruit have a lot of vitamin, the actual vitamin A and vitamin C. Did you know that the actual vitamin C fruit is 4-fold higher than the orange.

As a source of vitamin C, guava is less popular than the orange. In fact, in reality the actual vitamin C guava so far higher than the orange. In every 100 g guava contains about 183 mg vitamin C, while the orange only 50 mg vitamin C.

How to select, store and consume

With consuming guava regularly will give good nutrition for the body. That is vitamin A. Moreover, if the guava does not need to be consumed with the skin peeled. Why? Because the skin of the guava has vitamin C contents are very high.

We must be carefull to choose and save the guava

1. If you buy guava, choose according to needs. If it will be eaten immediately, would buy a guava is ripe and soft fruit. However, if the purchase amount in the relatively more and be saved, then buy a guava is old (mature) but still hard and green. In the cases such as this, the fruit guava resistant stored in the refrigerator for more than 1 week.

2. If it will be consumed or processed further, guava need to remove from the refrigerator and put in room temperature for 1-5 minutes until it is soft and cooked texture. If you do not want it mature, then can be taken directly from the refrigerator without the need to be put in the room temperature first.

3. When mature, guava only survive in one or two days. One way to use guava that already cooked, or overcooked, is a way into porridge or squash puree (can use blender), and store in freezer. Guava pulp can be used as material to be mixed with drinks and yoghurt drinks, or other.

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