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Monday, April 27, 2009

Is Myotherapy Another Series of Acupressure?

What is Myotherapy?

Myotherapy is a 'trigger point' therapy. It involves pressing on small, constricted, sore points that trigger pain in areas away from the points. For example, a tense, painful know of muscles in the neck might cause pain in the head. In this case, myotherapy would involve pressing on the knotted neck muscles to decrease pain in the head.

Myotherapy was developed by prominent physical therapist Bonnie Prudden in 1976. It is very similar to acupressure. The main difference between acupressure and myotherapy is that myotherapy is based upon manipulation of muscle and acupressure is based upon nerves and energy meridians.

How are Trigger Points Defused?

To defuse "trigger points," pressure is applied to the muscle for several seconds by means of fingers, knuckles and elbows. The success of this method depends on the use of specific corrective exercise for the freed muscles.

How are Trigger Points created?

It is believed that Trigger Points are created by injuries, muscle strain and emotional stress. Sometimes trigger points can lie dormant and don't cause pain until they are activated by physical or emotional stress.

Will the Trigger Points go away?

Yes. Through many sessions of myotherapy, trigger points can be eliminated. It is important to take preventative measures like muscle stretching and decreasing stress to keep trigger points from returning.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Multivitamin or Single Vitamin Supplement?

A limited time often result in less attention to our healthy eating patterns. The result can be to guess, so our lack of vitamins. Vitamin supplements can be an alternative for them.

However, their use can not be indiscriminate. Must be in accordance with the needs of our bodies. For example, if we lack of vitamin C, should only consume supplement vitamin C. But, if we lack some kind of vitamin at the same time, multivitamin supplements can we make an alternative choice.

There are a variety of multivitamin products that are currently circulating. Each composition contains different vitamins. Most people, plus the variety of minerals such as zink, magnesium, selenium, and others. Not necessarily all that is needed by our bodies. Therefore, it is better to consult first with your doctor before deciding multivitamin supplement which we really need.

If our food is enough rich of nutrition, multivitamin does not need anymore in any form. Because, basically the best source of vitamin is derived from food, especially fruit and vegetables.

Tips how to wisely consume a multivitamin:
  1. Illness
  2. Nutrition situation is less
  3. Difficulty eating outside
  4. At the age of five
  5. There should be a natural material
  6. Choose a multivitamin that low dose, but more type, not just one type of course with high doses

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The 40 Sex Facts -- It's Amazing and Funny

  1. A man produces 3 million new sperm cells every 1 hour during his life.
  2. Porn movie stars are 70 years of age, Annie Sprinkle claims to have sex relations with more than 3,000 people man.
  3. 5% men confess to masturbation twice a day.
  4. Publisher "Hustler, Larry Flynt confess that the first sex experience is with the chicken.
  5. A person who is hanging himself experienced when he ereksi dying.
  6. 97% white women to do breast surgery.
  7. Former Persiden Cuba, Batista, enraged against the growth of pornography and the United States of Europe, because the loss of local prostitution business.
  8. First sexual experience John Lennon is rubbed with a scrub-hand by people he does not know when he was aged 12 years.
  9. Prostitutes who are intelligent actors that are not normal sex.
  10. Students do more oral sex than high school graduates, and women with the title Ph.D more likely to have sex while ago.
  11. Women more easily exposed to venereal disease than the men.
  12. Bedroom is a place that most people used to lie.
  13. Oral sex is illegal deeds in Arizona, Florida, Minnesota, Lousiana, part of Michigan, North Carolina, South Carolina, Utah and Virginia. In Idaho, it can take you to prison.
  14. One of three men lie to partners. Conversely, one of four women lie to partners. However, only 28% of women who lie and be discovered.
  15. A healthy sex burn between 100 to 200 calories.
  16. A daughter aged 15 years in Mississippi are married without their parents permission, but must wait one year is allowed to legally have sex.
  17. 70% of the CEO in the United States allow the office affair.
  18. Most male orgasms in six minutes after penetration.
  19. JFK lost 'his virginity' with a prostitute for 3 dollars.
  20. During an 70-year, many Thai people who cut the genitals of her husband drunk and make cattle feed. Then heard the man that left Thailand with a bar says "It's better I go home, or I will make my self as a pig food"
  21. The record largest penis is 12 inches, at the erection time
  22. Most people who make them that prostitution is already married.
  23. Age of maturity in the USA ranges from 16 to 18 years. However, in Hawaii, age 14 years are allowed to have sex as adults.
  24. 90% of men are happy with the first sexual experience, rather only 66% of women who feel.
  25. Until 1972, gay is considered a mental illness. Classified as such, followed by a disease schizophrenia and twin personality.
  26. The average age for both men and women doing sex is 17 years.
  27. Most of the men reached the peak at slightly over 10 receive sexual challenges throughout his life.
  28. You will not be able to know with watching Sex and the City, but most women only have less than five pairs.
  29. Both men and women tend to prefer to reach the orgasme earlier.
  30. Condoms can survive for a month in the wallet before making a flexible easily torn.
  31. Orgasme male record is 16 times in one hour.
  32. Women achieve sexuality peak in the 30s and the man at the end of the age dozen.
  33. Women who smoked an average of two-sex couples have more time than women who do not smoke.
  34. Mosquitoes who have sex in the air, its sex activity only lasts for 2 (two) seconds.
  35. Word gymnasium comes from the Greek "gymnazein", which has the meaning naked sport, which is often done by the Greek. This is why all people in the ancient Greek are healthy- see their statues. :)
  36. The average man have sex every seven minutes.
  37. Comic "Donald duck" banned in Finland because he does not wear pants.
  38. Women blink nearly twice more often than the male.
  39. Humans and dolphins are the only creatures that make sex a pleasure.

source: hippolulu