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Monday, June 15, 2009

The 10 benefit of fish, consuming this Omega-3, now.

Fish oil has many benefits for health. Omega-3 fish oil can be found in salmon, mackerel and tuna. Consume fish twice a week, will provide health benefits for you and your family.

Here are some great benefits from fish oil:

1. Fish oil prevents heart attack. Dr Alexander Leaf and colleagues at Harvard Medical School states that consume the fish, like tuna or salmon twice a week can prevent heart attack. Not only that, research at the University of Southampton is also stated so, Omega-3 in fish able to protect against heart disease and stroke.

2. In addition, fish oil may reduce the risk of death from sudden heart attack. Head of research Dr. Consortia Roberto and Mario, research institutions Embargo Santa Maria, Italy to find one case, the daily dose in grams of omega-3 fish oil is quite significant to reduce mortality from sudden heart attack to 42%.

3. Fish oil helps reduce the symptoms of lupus. The researchers at the University of Ulster Northern Ireland found that people with the disease lupus who eat tuna, mackerel and similar fish containing omega-3 fish oil reduces the symptoms of lupus.

4. The Paterson Institute found that fish oil omega-3 is able to protect or prevent from prostate cancer.

5. Fish oil reduces the growth of breast cancer. The researchers from Indiana University found that omega-3 fatty acids may reduce the growth of breast cancer cells.

6. Fish oil reduces inflammation. The researchers from Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women's Hospital found that a diet high in fish oil can help improve the condition of the body and avoid the pain from inflammation

7. Fish oil to prevent some symptoms of advanced cancer. Professor Kevin Fearon and colleagues at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary found that fish oil is able to prevent cachexia - the severe wasting and weight loss associated with some types of advanced cancer.

8. Fish oil is able to cope with asthma. The researchers at the University of Cambridge found that fish oil can protect the body from asthma or respiratory disturbances.

9. Bristol University researchers claim that fish oil good for the brain and visual development of children

10. Fish oil helps chronic fatigue syndrome. Dr Basant Puri and colleagues at the Hospital in London found that taking omega-3 fish oil supplements can help to alleviate some symptoms associated with chronic fatigue syndrome.

In conclusion, fish oil has tremendous benefits for health. So start consuming fish oil containing omega-3's now, to get benefits.


John said...

This post is commendable as it portrays the universal acceptance of fish oil. At first, most people were wary of fish oil benefits, especially veggies. But with the addition of a flavour(mostly lemon), fish oil is gaining in popularity everywhere. Fish oil can now be taken as a regular health supplement. It acts as a wonderful drug in the field of coronary heart diseases. Blood pressure is normalized and cholesterol and triglycerides are reduced to healthy levels. Pregnant women can safely take fish oil as it increases the mental growth of the unborn child. It further promotes the motor skills and coordinates the mental activity of a toddler.

Anonymous said...

You are right, bro. This oil have a lot of benefit. But, the taste is not good for everyone. By addition of a flavour, it's really help to make this oil more yummi...:)

Michael said...

Really useful post.But According to me it is great for treating the symptoms of arthritis, improves the circulation, helps to lower cholesterol levels and boosts the immune system, but the brain health area is perhaps one of the most vital benefits of fish oil.


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John said...

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