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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Sugar -- Quite Simply, Your Body's Fuel.

Every year there is a new book spouting a new 'revolutionary' fat-busting diet. And more often than not, sugar is fingered as the culprit for weight gain.

Did you know that sugar is a natural carbohydrate, made of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen - nothing more, nothing less? Individual sugar molecules are called monosaccharides, which include sugars such as fructose found in fruit. When two sets of molecules link they form disaccharides such as sucrose (table sugar) and lactose (the sugar found in milk). And if this molecule becomes even more complex it forms starches and fiber. So in other words, the sugar on your cereal is exactly the same sugar found naturally in sugar beets, apples, carrots and other fruit and vegetables.

All types of carbohydrates break down to monosaccharides and, more specifically, glucose, in the body to create energy through a natural and well-regulated metabolic process. Glucose is what keeps your body running and is crucial to the proper functioning of your brain and nervous system.

We're all born with an instinctive love of sweet foods, which is nature's way of telling us that a food is nourishing, and high in the energy our bodies need.


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