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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Eating for Optimal Health -- Putting Ideas into Action

  • This day starts with a serving from almost every food group to fill you with fiber, vitamins and minerals. Not into breakfast foods? A turkey sandwich, an orange and a glass of milk gives you the same benefits as the more traditional breakfast fare.

  • Not only is eating every meal important, snacks help prevent over-hunger which leads to over-eating. This sample day includes 2 snacks. When you eat them depends on your mealtimes. For example, if you have an early breakfast and late lunch, a mid-morning snack is for you. Not crazy about nuts and dried fruit? How about an apple with peanut butter or cheese and crackers. Both give you the needed protein/carb mix to satisfy you and tide you over until mealtime.

  • Each of these meals provides a balanced mix of protein and carbs, as well as meats, starches and veggies/fruit. But there's many ways to achieve those goals. Try a slice of pizza and a salad on the side, with some yogurt mixed with a half cup of blueberries. Or, a cup of tuna noodle casserole with steamed carrots and a glass of milk.

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