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Sunday, April 8, 2007

Low-Tech Ways to Help You Get Pregnant

Getting pregnant can be difficult for some people. If you suffer from infertility you may need a whole range of services to help you conceive. Usually most doctors start with simple ideas before resorting to big guns like in vitro fertilization. Here are 10 low-tech things that might help you conceive if your are having trouble getting pregnant.

1. Ovulation Prediction

Figuring out exactly when you ovulate is important to getting pregnant. Rather than leaving it up to random chance each moth, if you have sex near ovulation you will increase your chances of getting pregnant with each menstrual cycle. It can also be done using a basal body temperature (BBT) thermometer.

2. Men should wear boxers

Don't laugh -- the oft recommended boxer shorts versus briefs is actually a helpful thing for men. This can help prevent overheating of the testicles, which can damage sperm.

3. Baby Making Sex

Are you timing intercourse to meet with ovulation? Are you using the best positions to enhance the positioning of the sperm near the cervix? These simple factors can influence your ability to conceive.

4. Female Orgasm

We know that the man needs to have an orgasm for pregnancy to occur, but did you know that female orgasm is also relevant to conception? Her orgasm actually helps draw the semen into the cervix. So be sure that you're not forgetting this part of the process.

5. Elevate your hips after intercourse

It truly is beneficial if you can elevate your hips and buttocks after having sex. This keeps the semen closer to the cervix and prevents leakage of this precious fluid. It really only needs to be done for about 20 minutes. It can easily be accomplished by propping your hips up on a pillow and laying in bed for a bit. Try a quick nap or some pillow talk to make the time go more quickly.

6. Are there other signs of ovulation?

Check for other signs of ovulation like cervical fluid changes. Remember the stretchy, copious cervical fluid is indicative of ovulation and being fertile. A lack of cervical fluid, or dry, sticky mucous is more non-fertile mucous. There are also other signs like mittelschmertz, or "middle pain," a small abdominal pain sometimes felt by women at the time of ovulation.

7. Don't douche

Douching is actually harmful to conception. It can aggravate some types of infection and disturb the normal state of the vagina, making it more difficult to conceive. If you douche, you may want to discontinue this practice.

8. Exercise?

Exercise is a great way to stay healthy and to keep your weight under control. But too much exercise can cause problems with conception, including amenorrhea, or no periods. If you are having odd cycles you may want to back off of strenuous exercise and see if there is a difference in your periods.

9. Overall health

Have both you and your partner had a physical to check for potential problems in conceiving? This might include a check for previous sexually transmitted infections or diseases (STI/STD) which can cause silent problems with your fertility like internal scarring of the reproductive tissues. They will also talk to you about staying healthy to get pregnant.

10. What's going in your mouth?

Is any medication you are taking interfering with your fertility? This goes for you and your partner. Not only does it mean prescription medications, but also social and recreational drugs like alcohol and tobacco. You may also want to see a nutritionist for help in making sure your diet is just right in getting pregnant.


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