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Friday, April 20, 2007

Hint to Help Pressure-proof Your Children

Young people are susceptible to social pressure due to insecurities, desire to fit in, looking for status, need for excitement, fear of losing friends, wanting to be noticed or envied, looking to assert autonomy, find an identity, looking for support/approval, wanting to succeed at something. Here are five helpful hints you as a parent can use to help pressure-proof your children:
  • Identify what and why your children are susceptible to peer pressure.

  • Protect them by finding ways to lessen how much time they spend in unsupervised activities where sources of social pressure are present.

  • Teach and empower your children with skills that will help them to deal with stressful/pressure-packed situations.

  • Design and implement appropriate ways for your children to get their needs (to fit in, belong, excitement, etc.) met. This might include maximizing the time they spend with appropriate social influences.

  • Maintain strong relationships with your children that include open, honest communication.
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