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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pregnancy test, how accurate is this?

Today many pregnancy tests sold in the market, such us drug stores or pharmacies

According to research in the United States, the results of pregnancy test that showed negative results, does not necessarily mean the absence of pregnancy, although the use of guidelines has been undertaken correctly, this is because the process of each woman's pregnancy is different from one another.

Due to the embryo implantation process different from everyone,. Usually the implantation of the embryo into the uterine wall occurred on day 6 to day 12 after the first day late the month. In some cases the implantation has occurred when one day after a late menstruation.

This is what led to the possibility of a negative pregnancy test results, despite the fact that pregnancy has occurred.

Therefore, for women who use pregnancy test yourself at home, if you test at the time of menstruation 1atau2 day late and gave a negative result, you should make a pregnancy test over again, if your period still has not arrived yet.

Some tips on using these pregnancy tests at home:

• See dd / mm / year validity period of this pregnancy test tool.
• Never Keeps pregnancy test tool that you do not use in damp or hot (eg bathroom).
• Look for instructions on how to use and how to read it.
• It is best done with a urine / first urine in the morning, where urine is concentrated.
• And check and see results within 5-10 minutes. .
• If a negative result and you still do not menstruate, you can try to repeat a week later. Or consult with your doctor.


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