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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Positive pregnancy test but not pregnant. Why?

After passing through some research, it turns out the pregnancy test kits can yield false results in detecting signs of pregnancy.

The working principle Pregnancy Test Tools

The ovum gets fused with a sperm in the fallopian tube to form a zygote. The zygote undergoes cell division for about 5-6 days. After this period, the zygote leaves the fallopian tube and moves to the uterus, where it gets implanted and undergoes further stages of pregnancy development.
When the zygote gets implanted in the uterine lining, a structure called placenta is formed. It is the connection between the growing fetus and the mother. The placenta produces a glycoprotein hormone known as human chorionic gonadotropin or hCG. The hCG appears to form soon after conception, and its concentration keeps rising during the early stages of maternity.

All these facts makes hCG an excellent marker for the pregnancy tests. The minimum cutoff of hCG level to get detected by the pregnancy tests is 20 milliliter per liter of urine. Some pregnancy hormone tests are sensitive enough to detect such a low concentration of hCG in your body. However, many pregnancy test kits may not be sensitive to this level. But most of them can easily detect the presence of hCG at about 50 milliliter per liter of urine.

Conversely if the pregnancy test kit does not detect the hormone HCG which is then emerges that generally negative results in mistaken as not pregnant.

The right time to use pregnancy test kits

Because pregnancy test kits work by examining the levels of HCG in urine is the best time to do the pregnancy test is a test during the morning when levels of HCG hormorn accumulate.

Some tips to use pregnancy test kits

• See dd / mm / year validity period of this pregnancy test tool.
• Never Keeps pregnancy test tool that you do not use in damp or hot (eg bathroom).
• Look for instructions on how to use and how to read it.
• It is best done with a urine / first urine in the morning, where urine is concentrated.
• And check and see results within 5-10 minutes. .
• If a negative result and you still do not menstruate, you can try to repeat a week later. Or consult with your doctor.

Positive pregnancy test but not pregnant?

It is possible that the pregnancy test kit led to positive results, although non-pregnant women. Do mothers that men who had a tumor on his testicles also produce HCG and can bring positive results on pregnancy test kits. Some conditions occur on the positive results of pregnancy test did not occur even though pregnancy is as follows:

- Chemical Pregnancy

Many cases of unknown pregnancy suspected miscarriages of menstruation. Though the figure is quite high. When the positive test before missed a period, it turns out when the schedule came out as usual amount of menstruation and pregnancy are also out with menstruation.

- Antenatal period

Pregnancy test done outside the standard set by the test makers, such as too long. That will make the results of pregnancy test became positive.

- The influence of drugs and chemicals for pregnancy

Certain medications can make a pregnancy test tool has led to positive results. Among them is the use of HCG for fertility treatment and diet, diuretics and anti-Parkinson drugs jg can bring positive results on pregnancy test kits. Chemicals or soap in the urine is contaminated can also make a pregnancy test tool raises positf results. High-dose Vitamin C is also said to affect pregnancy test results.

- Tumors in the Body

The presence of tumor in the body that produce HCG as placental tissue tumor (trophoblastic), ovarian tumors produce HCG etc.

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