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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Caesar Surgery (seksio sesarea) and Tips That Surgery

The process of the birth of a baby often does not smooth that and be like. Many factors that cause a mother can not reasonably undergo childbirth (per vaginam). Caesar surgery (seksio sesarea) often become the last option.

The advancement of Caesar Surgery Technology

Now with the advancement of medical science majunya field surgical technique, anesthesia, and perineonatologi (areas that deal fetus aged 28 weeks, born to be born after 28 weeks), surgical technology caesar experience rapid progress. At this time the frequency of the mother who can undergo surgery safely caesar increased to four times during her life. At the past, she only have chance in three times.

At the past, only known classical techniques of caesar surgery (Corpora) with a longitudinal slice from the navel down to the bone genitalia. Now slice can cross from left to right in the top right above the bikini. The aesthetic, this new surgical technique better.

The Cause of the Caesar Surgery
There are several causes of why the operation should be made caesar, namely

* Plasenta position under the womb
* Tumor arising in the way of birth
* Deviation disposition baby
* Baby is too big
* Maternal pelvis is too small
* Crisis occurred in the infant, such as lack of oxygen
* Plasenta functions that are not too good because the time limit or have a particular disease.

From a variety of factors, which most often is found so that the expectant mother must caesar surgery is risky because the fetus, plasenta location below, and the location of the baby aberration. Caesar operation can be predicted since the beginning of the pregnancy. For example, because the mother's narrow pelvis. However, the decision can also be done for caesar operation some time before birth, such as due to gravity on the fetus or plasenta function that is not good.

Advice and Tips

In each operation requires special preparation. Moreover surgery including caesar is large surgery. Here are suggestions and tips on caesar surgery :

1. Necessary preparation, both physical and mental capital. In this case, the doctor who will perform the operation will give the mother to know about the process of operating it. For example akan injected in the spine or dibius.

2. Doctors also need to know that to the mother after the surgery there will be some inconvenience is felt, can not drink like some time and can not move much.

3. With caesar surgery, then the next pregnancy will be greater the risk. The former have injured surgery have the potential for a lacerated during birth. Therefore, to be more secure, the next pregnancy for at least six months after the caesar surgery done. The next time the pregnancy, will be the better for the mother.

4. There is no prohibition in the food. Mother after surgery is recommended to eat foods that contain many nutrients and vitamins.

5. Just do normal activity as usual, but to accelerate the healing process after surgery. Avoid activities and sports that weight. Healthy way can still be home not too heavy.

6. Injury due to the surgery will usually recover in a total time of six months. Therefore, if you want to get pregnant again, so it's six months after surgery .

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