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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Cerebral Palsy (CP) -- Myths and Facts

Myth: Everyone with cerebral palsy is retarded. NOT TRUE!
: Some people with CP have above average intelligence. Because CP means damage to the brain.

Myth: Everyone with cerebral palsy has a learning disability. NOT TRUE!
: While some people with CP have learning disabilities many others with CP do not.

Myth: People with cerebral palsy are being punished for their sins. NOT TRUE!
: Our disability has a medical or physiological cause. We are not bad people.

Myth: People with cerebral palsy should not be employed because they might have an accident or will cause an embarrassing seen. NOT TRUE!
People with cerebral palsy are very productive workers and are an asset to anyone who hires them.

Myth: People with cerebral palsy should not be allowed to play physical games because they might get hurt. NOT TRUE!
People with CP participate in all kinds of sports including track, horseback riding, recess, and wheelchair sports.

Myth: People with cerebral palsy should go to special schools
Special schools provide for the needs of CP children. At a special school the treatment of a C.P child focuses on speech, movement & education. Given the right input, the sky is the limit for a C.P. child.

Myth: People with CP should not be allowed to get married and have kids. NOT TRUE!
Many people with CP have gotten married and have had kids. Most people with CP make wonderful loving parents.

Myth: People with CP are possessed by evil spirits. NOT TRUE!
Nothing possesses us or anybody else. We are simply who we are.

Myth: CP is the primary cause of death. NOT TRUE.
Early detection and treatment is vital.

Myth: There are corelation among CP with Heredity, Contagious, and Progressive.
There aren't corelation.

Myth: CP is cureable by drug or surgery.
Drugs and Surgery cannot cure this condition. These might be recommended to avert further complications.

Myth: People with CP are dangers. NOT TRUE.
We will not hurt you or make you sick. We will not bite. And we are very friendly.

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